I’m Jai Choudhary, a freelance web designer, wordpress developer, front-end and back-end engineer, and WordPress Expert in India. My core skills are WordPress Theme Design & Development, WordPress Plugin Development, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, PhotoShop, SEO, SEM, PPC, Digital Marketing and Social Media. I have been developing WordPress sites for almost 5 years now and I can provide a list of sites that will showcase my work. My main goal is to deliver high-quality websites that help small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of their online presence optimizing websites for small and medium screens such as iPhones, iPads, android devices and retina displays.

Cheap & Expert Website Developer in India

I specialize in building websites using the WordPress content management system. Additionally, I can help you with your existing WordPress website (performing upgrades, adding new modules and optimizing your SEO). I am currently working as a website designer and developer online in Delhi/NCR. I have a solid background in SEO and have been responsible for hundreds of websites and eCommerce sites in my previous work experience. Each application and website that I create provide an easy-to-navigate layout with a focus on SEO. I am confident that I can meet your requirements and be able to improve or design a professional website using WordPress, PHP, Mysql and Javascript.

Do you want to represent your identity to the web, do you want to make your business global? Well you have landed on the right place.

Feel free to Contact me for any type of services like Domain name for website, Hosting Space, Website Design & Development, Website Re-design & development, Website Maintence Services, Blog Design & Development, Image Design Services, SEO, SMO, SEM, Social Media Promotion, Online Branding/Promotion, Google Ads, Facebook Promotion and Digital Marketing Services.

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